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Best of the Week (Jan. 9 - 15): Mobile Zone

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Best of the Week (Jan. 9 - 15): Mobile Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone (January 09 - January 15). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Android Unit Testing Part I: What Makes Strong Test Automation

My aim is to show you not only why automation tests have been problematic for Android engineers in the past, but also how to turn these Android tests into viable and useful tools. For this first part, we’re going to dig into what makes a strong test automation — and where current Android tests are failing as a result.

2. Step 1: I Want to Build an App, What's Next?

So you want to build an app… there are over 9 million registered app developers according to Apple, so you’re not alone! There are a few big reasons why you might want to develop a great app, and some things you’ll have to take into consideration for each of these paths. We’ll go over a few here.

3. Couchbase Mobile at Spraed

Spraed is a content sharing app primarily for people you interact with in person. Jakob Hoydis, Spraed's CTO, spoke recently at the Couchbase London meet-up about how they'd built Spraed on top of Couchbase Mobile. Here's my interview with Jakob right after the meet-up.

4. The 300 ms Click Delay and iOS 8

300 milliseconds, or 0.3 seconds, doesn't sound slow -- but, as it turns out, humans can in fact detect it, and in order for a browser to feel like it's reacting instantaneously, it reportedly needs to respond in less than 0.1 seconds. Is there a way to fix this delay? I'll show you how in this quick tutorial.

5. Nodality: Node Based Image Processing for iPads in Swift Available in the App Store

As I stumbled along in my early coding days, I was concerned Nodality may not be ported from AS3 to Swift. I'm very happy to say, after some very early mornings and frantic coding sessions with my little MacBook on the Tube, version 2.0 of Nodality is available in the App Store.

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