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The Best of the Week (Jan 9): Enterprise Integration Zone

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The Best of the Week (Jan 9): Enterprise Integration Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (January 09 - January 16). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Make Agents, Not Frameworks

  • Ever since their introduction, Java annotations have become an integral part of the APIs of larger application frameworks.

2. A Good Microservices Architecture = Death of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

  • Challenges, requirements and best practices for creating a good Microservices architecture, and what role an ESB plays in this game. This article is about the challenges, requirements and best practices for creating a good microservices architecture, and what role an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) plays in this game.

3. Using Netflix Hystrix Annotations with Spring

  • I saw a sample demonstrated by Josh Long which makes use of Hystrix integrated with Spring, making use of annotations to hystrix enable a service class.

4. Integrating Node.js, Ruby and Spring with Okta's SAML Support

  • I had to do a security-related spike over the last couple weeks. I was trying to get SAML authentication working with Okta and my client's Active Directory server.

5. Notes on Microservices by Martin Fowler

  • As an architect and tech enthusiast this is the architecture of my dreams. But given the issues I regularly face when coaching teams, the difficulty at adopting good programming practices and rigid organizational structures... then adopting a microservices architecture is extremely difficult.


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