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The Best of the Week (Mar 27): Big Data Zone

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The Best of the Week (Mar 27): Big Data Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Big Data Zone (March 27 - April 03). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Geek Reading March 27, 2015

  • Backchannel starts our day with a discussion of the three phases of consumer products. If you are a startup in the consumer space, you should definitely read it. For the second day in a row Valeria Maltoni, writing at Conversation Agent, gives us some excellent content. Today she talks about how access has more value than information. Johanna Rothman sheds some light on why managers ask for estimates. It is really good information for those people that do not pay attention to the business side of a company.

2. Python: Streaming/Appending to a File

  • I’ve been playing around with Twitter’s API (via the tweepy library) and due to the rate limiting it imposes I wanted to stream results to a CSV file rather than waiting until my whole program had finished. I wrote the following program to simulate what I was trying to do:

3. Why the Unified Logging Layer Matters

  • The amount of logs produced today is staggering. The logs provide opportunities for analysis to better understand customers and continually improve products. The log collection pipeline, then, becomes a source of valuable data.

4. Extremely Small Probabilities

  • Probabilities such as the following have no practical value, but it’s interesting to see how you’d compute them anyway. You could find the probability of a man having negative height by typing pnorm(-23.33) into R or scipy.stats.norm.cdf(-23.33) into Python.

5. Geek Reading March 31, 2015

  • Some more unpleasantness leading off today as VentureBeat reports on the DDoS attack on GitHub continuing and evolving. Also from VentureBeat, Google has started morphing some of Google+ as photos and videos are now available in Google Drive. By itself, this is not a big thing, but we know that Google has not been thrilled by the usage of Google+.
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