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The Best of the Week (Mar 29-Apr 5): Agile Zone

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The Best of the Week (Mar 29-Apr 5): Agile Zone

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In case you missed them, here are the top posts from the Agile Zone for the past week--as chosen by yours truly! This week: Rethinking pair programming and why it is controversial, some tips for managing performance in agile teams, daring to measure immeasurable benefits, and a couple of posts that explore Agile and riskiness.

1. Rethinking Pair Programming

Pair programming is a great way to mentor inexperienced developers. However, it cannot happen 100% of the time. By default, we prefer to work in pairs. We have no doubts about the benefits of pair programming. However, we also believe that providing space for individual creativity and learning is essential.

2. Four Tips for Managing Performance in Agile Teams

I’ve been talking with clients recently about their managers’ and HR’s transition to agile. I hear this common question: “How do we manage performance of the people on our agile teams?”

3. Measuring the Unmeasurable Benefits

It is vital to show the benefits to justify the work you have done and to plan with confidence for further improvements based on the success of your intranet to your organisation so far.

4. A Little Risk Goes A Long Way

Risk is a big topic, but generally for beginning agile teams (or any team) it can be calculated in a minimalist way as dependencies. To me, dependencies represent a binary probability. Either they are resolved or not. When paired with value, risk becomes super important to look at because it can tell you how much of that value is in danger. Specifically, we can use it to make informed decisions about investment.

5. Agile Is About Risk Mitigation

Process frameworks like Waterfall introduce and maintain a high level of risk over the lifecycle of a project. Agile principles on the other hand, work to deliver value by reducing risk. That’s accomplished through continuous delivery as requirements are discovered.


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