The Best of the Week (May 23): NoSQL Zone

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The Best of the Week (May 23): NoSQL Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the NoSQL Zone (May 23 to May 29). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. What's Left of NoSQL?

Back in 2013 The Register reported that Google sets its bets on SQL again. It's not that surprising - using SQL to access data from NoSQL systems isn't a new trend. However, it raises a question: What remains of NoSQL if we add SQL again?

2. MongoDB Tips & Tricks: Handling $type and Arrays

According to Thomas Zahn, Co-Founder and CEO of 3T Software Labs, coming to MongoDB from a relational database background is a relief. However, that's not to say that MongoDB is completely free of cryptic design choices that may leave developers puzzled.

3. Real-Word Use Cases: The Strengths of Graph Databases

If there's one thing the NoSQL community can definitely agree on, it's that relational databases are not the one and only solution to modern data storage issues. Not that they're never the answer; just not always the answer. The key, then, is understanding which tool is needed for any given job.

4. SharedHashMap vs Redis

Any vendor will tell you how great their product is, so I will start by outlining why you wouldn't use SharedHashMap, before I tell you why it is a "must have" for performant applications.

5. Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.0 Developer Preview 1

This new major version, planned to be 2.0, is a complete rewrite of the old 1.x series (currently 1.4.*). Leaving no stone unturned, it is built on top of RxJava for reactive and streaming-based programming and uses Netty as a consolidated IO layer for the best performance possible.


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