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The Best of the Week (May 23): Performance Zone

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The Best of the Week (May 23): Performance Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Performance Zone (May 23 to May 30). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. String Interning - What, Why and When ?

Though Java automatically interns all Strings by default, remember that we only need to intern strings when they are not constants, and we want to be able to quickly compare them to other interned strings.

2. Java File I/O Basics

In the rest of this post I will provide some code samples that show how you can accomplish common file related tasks with Java 7 or newer.

3. Java conccurency: a brief overview

This is a brief overview on my concurrency explained using an example on transactions over bank accounts. This example is based in the producer / consumer design pattern in order to simulate real time transactions activity.

4. Grails Goodness: Exception Methods in Controllers

Since Grails 2.3 we can define exception methods in our controllers to handle exceptions raised by code invoked in the action methods of the controllers.

5. Code parallelization with joblib

Recently I've been working on the parallelization of some Python code and I discovered Joblib. It is a library that supports pipelining and offers a good support for parallelization. In this post we will implement a (very naive) paraller matrix by matrix multiplication algorithm to show the parallelization capabilities of this library.

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