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The Best of the Week (May 30): Cloud Zone

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The Best of the Week (May 30): Cloud Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (May 30 to June 5). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Service Discovery Solutions

For the most part, PaaS removes the need for service discovery - automatically wiring service credentials into application instances and freeing developers from working with service discovery infrastructure. This is the ethos of the 12 Factor App and something you will often hear ActiveState talking about.

2. State of Application Developer Experience with OpenStack

When I first started writing applications that ran in OpenStack clouds or worked against the APIs the experience was painful. To figure out what I could do with the APIs I ended up in the source code for OpenStack or asking those who were in the source or knew the system better.

3. A Deeper Look at Automating Server Management in the Cloud

With the explosion of cloud servers and cost-effective physical servers, there is a significant challenge that IT organizations face: managing and maintaining all of those servers. Today’s modern day servers are generally single purpose workhorses running applications, Web servers, or infrastructure tools.

4. The Flight to Managed Cloud

A managed cloud delivers a private, off-premise Cloud managed by a service provider. By blending DevOps practices, policy-driven configuration, expert management, and Cloud infrastructure, a managed cloud environment exhibits high on-demand scalability, flexible self-service, and affordable pay-as-you go pricing.

5. OpenStack Heat and DevStack on HP Cloud

OpenStack is clearly making waves and rapidly becoming the de-facto standard in private clouds. In the last few releases, its orchestration engine, Heat, which was originally inspired by Amazon CloudFormation, is getting more mature with more desired functionality.

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