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The Best of the Week (May 30): NoSQL Zone

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The Best of the Week (May 30): NoSQL Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the NoSQL Zone (May 30 to June 5). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Announcing Couchbase Mobile 1.0

Couchbase is pleased to announce general availability of Couchbase Mobile 1.0. Couchbase Mobile gives mobile application developers a new platform to build the next generation of always available, always responsive mobile applications.

2. SQL, NoSQL, I Don't Care. It's About Events!

The NoSQL/SQL debate has entered a new chapter, but is this discussion actually important? Sure, it’s data, but that’s all it is. Frankly, I don’t care whether data is stored in a SQL or NoSQL database. It could be stored on punch cards for all I matter, just as long as the system is reactive.

3. The Failure of MongoDB & Bitcoin: Individual Incompetence, not Flawed Design

Not too long ago, we covered an article about how NoSQL (MongoDB) design flaws brought down two Bitcoin exchanges, Flexcoin or Poloniex. However, according to Shane K. Johnson, the conclusion that NoSQL design was to blame was determined too quickly, and without enough evidence.

4. MongoDB Driver Tips & Tricks: PHP

A large proportion of support requests to MongoLab are questions about how to properly configure and use a particular MongoDB driver. This blog post is the third of a series where we are covering each of the major MongoDB drivers in depth. The driver we’ll be covering here is the PHP driver.

5. The 4 Types of NoSQL Database

NoSQL is four things: document-oriented databases, in-memory databases, graph databases, and column store databases. In this recent article, Johnson describes each of these categories and explores the examples that define them.


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