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The Best of the Week (Oct 17): DevOps Zone

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The Best of the Week (Oct 17): DevOps Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (October 17 - October 24). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Java Minor Releases Scheme Tweaked Again

  • Yesterday's announcement states that PSU releases (which are really CPU+ releases) will be released along with their corresponding CPU releases.

2. Strongly Typed Localized Strings In Universal Apps

  • Back in the old days when the need for localized string arose, I would add a new string and use AppResources to access the correct string in code. In the new universal apps the story is a bit different.

3. Git Submodules for Dependent or Common Code

  • Submodules are one of the most powerful and most mistrusted features in git, at least in the web development part of the internet where I spend my time. I've seen them go horribly wrong, but I've also had teams adopt submodules and have their development process run much more smoothly as a result.

4. Continuous Discussion Panel About Agile, Continuous Delivery, DevOps

  • Last week I participated as a panelist in the Continuous Discussions talk hosted by Electric Cloud, and the recording is now available. A bit long but there are some good points in there.

5. Why Great Logging is Key to Continuous Delivery

  • Over the last years Continuous Delivery has gained a massive following with many development teams embracing the style. Companies have chosen (as with many other modern developer tools), to either build their own or embrace a hosted service.

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