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The Best of the Week (Oct 24): Performance Zone

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The Best of the Week (Oct 24): Performance Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Performance Zone (October 24 - October 31). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Checking in binaries

  • When Maven came out some twelve years ago, the Java community became comfortable with not checking in third-party binaries. In the Ant era, before that, you did. Maybe we were being kind to source control systems, but we opened a new can of worms.

2. Adaptive Heap Sizing

  • While enhancing our test bed to improve the Plumbr GC problem detector, I ended up writing a small test case I thought might be interesting for the wider audience.

3. Static code analysis for free

  • Fortunately JavaScript has a huge community behind which releases new tooling on a daily basis.

4. Resource Management: xcres

  • We tend to keep our resource references pretty much in order by reflex when writing them actually, but looks like this might make that more streamlined. And looks like it would be downright invaluable the next time we’re handed some mess to make sense of written by someone who regarded the concept of ‘maintainability’ with fear and loathing apparently…

5. Measure, optimise then measure again: further refining "Have I been pwned?"

  • As I’ve written in the past, I put an awful lot of effort into making Have I been pwned? (HIBP) fast. Not just a bit fast, blisteringly fast and that includes when it’s under a huge amount of load. But there was something bugging me with the site when it came to performance and it was this:



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