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The Best of the Week (Oct. 25): Mobile Zone

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The Best of the Week (Oct. 25): Mobile Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone (Oct. 25 to Oct. 31). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. AskDZ: What's Your Side Project?

If you've been working on a personal/side project that you're excited about, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment and tell us about your side project: What is it, and how long have you been working on it, and why is it so exciting?

2. Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

The author recommends this book to anyone with no or minimal knowledge about Windows Store apps who’s interested in developing them using HTML5 and JavaScript. The book provides a thorough overview of HTML5 and CSS, followed by everything you need to know to develop basic Windows Store apps.

3. Ludum Dare: An Android Game in 23 Days

A recent series of posts covers the development, from start to finish, of a complete Android game called "Drone Invaders" over the period of 23 days. There is one post for each day, most tracking the technical difficulties, thought processes behind library choices, and methods and tips learned along the way.

4. 10 Ways to Improve PhoneGap and Hybrid App Performance

Last week, Christophe Coenraets presented a list of tips that many mobile devs may find useful. It's all in the context of PhoneGap, but the concepts should be widely applicable to other devs, and given the importance of performance (perceived, at least) in mobile applications, there is a lot to work with here.

5. Automatic Dogfooding: Gradle and DeployGate for Android Apps 

A recent article from Mobify has compiled a list of five advanced mobile web design techniques, each complete with illustrations and examples, to help you take your mobile designs to the next level.

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