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The Best of the Week (Oct 31): Big Data Zone

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The Best of the Week (Oct 31): Big Data Zone

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Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Big Data Zone (October 31 - November 07). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. Getting Started with Hadoop MapReduce

  • Hadoop MapReduce framework provides a way to process large data, in parallel, on large clusters of commodity hardware. An edit to an earlier version.

2. Making the World a Better Place with Big Data

  • While there is certainly much feel-good hyperbole about the “making the world a better place” nature of big data, that is more than offset with actual real-world details of how data is being used to solve more day-to-day business problems.

3. The Blighttown Corollary

  • Can an image capture an entire system's structural integrity? Can we tell from a graphic whether a system is well-structured? The Blighttown corollary highlights the importance of a good package structure, as this structure will probably constrain the quality of the entire system's structure.

4. Prediction intervals too narrow

  • Almost all pre­dic­tion inter­vals from time series mod­els are too nar­row. This is a well-​​known phe­nom­e­non and arises because they do not account for all sources of uncer­tainty. When we pro­duce pre­dic­tion inter­vals for time series mod­els, we gen­er­ally only take into account the first of these sources of uncer­tainty.

5. JSF Versus JSP, Which One Fits Your CRUD Application Needs? (Part 1)

  • We make decisions every day; everything we say and do is the result of a decision, whether we make it consciously or not. No matter how big or small is the choice, there's no (easy) formula for making the right decision.

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