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The Best of the Week (Sep. 12): IoT Zone

· IoT Zone

Access the survey results 'State of Industrial Internet Application Development' to learn about latest challenges, trends and opportunities with Industrial IoT, brought to you in partnership with GE Digital.

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the IoT Zone (September 12 to 18). Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. 17 Wearables the Apple Watch Just Killed

Now that Apple finally threw its hat into the smart watch and fitness band arena, here are the inevitable casualties in the same category that will probably be crushed under the weight of Apple brand superiority, if not technical superiority.

2. The 'What Time Did My Son Wake Up?' Project

My 2 1/2 year old son wakes up before us during the spring and summer. He turns his light on fully, and plays until he's bored. The problem was: exactly when was he waking, because it would affect how tired he was in the day (and affect nap times). So I built a tiny Arduino prototype :-)

3. Intel Releases Edison Development Platform for IoT

If you've been looking forward to Intel's Edison development platform since it was announced, your time has come. At the IDF 2014 keynote a few days ago, Edison was released. Intel has brought us IoT.

4. How to IoT Your Life: The Complete Shopping List

If you're new to IoT, or just trying to get a more detailed sense of what's going on in the space in terms of IoT products and use cases, you might be interested in How to IoT Your Life: The Complete Shopping List, which first appeared in DZone's 2014 Guide to Internet of Things.

5. Akka Notes - Introducing Actors

Anyone who has done multithreading in the past won't deny how hard and painful it is to manage multithreaded applications.

The IoT Zone is brought to you in partnership with GE Digital.  Discover how IoT developers are using Predix to disrupt traditional industrial development models.


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