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Better Apps, Faster Automation for DevOps

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Better Apps, Faster Automation for DevOps

Automation is the backbone for success. CA Technologies talked to us about what it takes to achieve it in the enterprise.

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Jeff Scheaffer, GM, Continuous Delivery, Rahim Bhatia, GM, Developer Products, David Williams, SVP, Portfolio Strategy, at CA Technologies hosted a showcase on DevOps during CA's Built to Change Summit.

We need to think about how to bring products together to support specific business initiatives with modern application architectures and automating where possible so everything is continuous.

What are the building blocks to develop products into production and deliver business value? A portfolio to support modern software:

  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Release
  • Operate
  • With security integrated throughout

We're moving from a built to last to built to change mentality with the web, mobile, and IoT. Ths requires new competencies like APIs, containers, microservices. hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, analytics, and big data so companies can respond faster to market shifts and empower customers with better experiences leveraging digital ecosystems.

An example would be the ability to buy an insurance policy when you buy a new TV. This will extend into insurance and healthcare.

Companies need to innovate continuously to provide the critical benefits customers are looking for. Traditional architectures and processes must evolve from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps.

The modern application architecture model is now API first with full lifecycle API management. API management ensures all disciplines are interrelated and you are able to know how customers are using APIs as well as how the APIs and applications are performing.

APIs are critical to business. CA has a financial service customer where every time an API goes down there is a $20 million cost to the institution.

Continuous testing is also critical since every company is born or transforming digitally. Of those that were born digital, 49% expect apps to load in under 2 seconds. Those that are transforming to digital know that 75% of their customers will delete apps that load slowly.

Companies must deliver applications that provide great value if they expect their customers or employees to use them. Every application has to have an amazing UX and the application must be perceived of as being high quality by the end user. This means the app must be:

  • Responsive
  • Performant
  • Efficient
  • Low/no cost

Testing continues to be a bottleneck for 63% of companies. Yet these companies must keep pace with change by bringing innovation to market more quickly. Hence the need for continuous delivery (CD) and continuous testing.

Developers are toiling in darkness with regards to testing. And companies are facing challenges as well:

  • Changing app architectures – 99% report challenges using microservices
  • Siloed, legacy tools – 84% experience release problems due to dependencies
  • Antiquated testing only – 70% of testing is still manual

Companies need to be end-to-end integrated modern software factories with:

  • Predictive hybrid multi-cloud capacity management

  • Self-healing operations

  • Self-deterministic apps

  • Empowering ops for faster delivery

This requires advanced shift-left automation capabilities for developers, connecting automation silos, as well as having an Agile requirements designer.

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