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Better CDI/JSF/XHTML Validation in JBoss Tools 3.2 1st Beta

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Better CDI/JSF/XHTML Validation in JBoss Tools 3.2 1st Beta

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The Helios (Eclipse 3.6)-based version of JBoss Tools is now entering the beta stages, so the addition of new features after today's release will be minimized.  This release has focused on stabilization by adding numerous bugfixes and optimizations to the JBoss Tools' code.  Here's a look at the last major batch of new features added to the toolbox.


For Seam and its core feature, CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection), JBoss Tools 3.2 Beta 1 adds more validations that can validate classnames referenced in CDI descriptors.  Quickfixes have also been added to the tools so that developers will be easily be able to fix the common problems solved by the quickfixes.  


The validation of JSF/XHTML in larger projects has now been optimized, improving performance.  This area will be continually improved, but it's currently much faster than it was in M2.

Remote Deployments

The JBoss Tools AS adapter now has improved processes because it doesn't let the remote server scan for changes during remote deployments via file copying.  This prevents accidental deployments.  Users also have greater control over SSH startup commands.  This helps developers control external launch scripts that determine how JBoss AS is started and stopped.

MyFaces 2

JBoss Tools can now recognize MyFaces 2's metadata.xml.  This allows changes in MyFaces components and new ones to be recognized by the editor without having to update JBoss Tools.  This fixes the problem caused by MyFaces not shipping TLDs.  Max Andersen of JBoss explains, "This makes them "invisible" to our default handler for JSF  components since we moved to using classpath-based lookups to have more  correct code completion and validation per project."


The Hibernate Query Language doesn't have native comment support.  JBoss Tools 3.2 adds this support today.  Developers can now put a "--" (double dash) in front of a line to comment in the editor.

Experimental Annotations Properties View

This new feature is still in the experimental stages and it is available through the Eclipse 3.6 WTP JAX-WS support.  This release of JBoss Tools currently has support for JBoss ESB and JAX-RS (RESTEasy) annotations. 


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