Better Context for Code Reviews With Architexa

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Better Context for Code Reviews With Architexa

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Architexa is continuing it's valuable developer tool offering, this time helping developers to understand new features that are added to the codebase. You'll be familiar with Architexa's diagram-from-code features already. Now they are providing a code review client and server, but also are making it really easy for developers to document the main parts of what is being worked on.

With this release, in Architexa you will be able to:

  • Easier code reviews before code-commits
    The Architexa suite allows you to to create a diagram of any outgoing changes straight from the synchronize view or the Team context menu. You can now create a diagram to explain the main ideas and invite a team lead to walk describe the main parts of the code.
  • Simplified reviewing for already checked-in code
    Added capabilities to allow you to select any number of revisions from Eclipse's History view and automatically build a diagram based on the code commits.
  • Document changes and new components
    Architexa's integration into team repositories will allow you to not only easily create up to date diagrams of critical code components, but will allow you to save them for collaborative refinement with the rest of the team - so that they can be easily found later. Such diagrams are shown to users later when they select any affected parts of the code.

In addition, Architexa has been extended  to not just show code relationships but has also built special support for popular frameworks like Spring and Struts. This release includes early access to a number of frameworks. With Spring there is support for Dependency Injection and Web Flow, as well as support for Struts (1 and 2) and Tiles.

Speaking to Vineet Sinha about this integration with new frameworks, he explained that rather than adding features that are in other UML tools, Architexa is willing to work with any framework to provide the features that developers really need.

Architexa is turning out to be a really useful product - with the constant refining of their suite, it could become a vital part of any developers toolbox.


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