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Better, Faster, Lighter Components... But Where are the Applications?

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Sometimes it seems to me as if most developers (open source developers at least) are concerned with component development. Like development is driven by questions and statements like:

 - How can we speed up development by 5%? 10% 100% ?

 - Component oriented web frameworks are much greater than Model 2 frameworks

 - AJAX is better than blabla...


I too have developed a few components and frameworks, and they do make my life easier when developing applications. But sometimes I can't help but wonder:

Is it really worth the time? How about just settling for what works, and go with that, and get an application done instead?

When was the last time you heard about a really cool open source application? Compared to how many times you hear about framework this, framework that?

Personally I have wanted to develop an app for simple project management since 2001. I have started the project about 3-4 times at least, everytime starting over with a "better technology". Sometimes I am wondering how far I could have gotten if I had just stuck with Struts as it started with, in 2002. Instead, here in 2008 I still only have fragments of an application, but a lot of components laying around. But what good are they, unless I use them in an app?

What is your opinion? Am I totally wrong? Am I visiting the wrong websites? (if yes, please give me links). Sometimes it just seems to me as if all the community cares about is "technology" itself, and not what we can build with it.

For instance, what was Facebook built with? PHP? What about LinkedIn? MySpace? YouTube? Hotmail? GMail?

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