Beyond Microcontrollers: Three Cool Open Source Hardware Projects

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Beyond Microcontrollers: Three Cool Open Source Hardware Projects

DZone takes a look at three especially cool open source hardware projects that deserve your attention.

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Open source hardware is going through some great surges in popularity right now, and outside of microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi, we don't talk about them much. So I wanted to showcase some open source hardware projects that I thought were especially cool.

Tabby Evo

Elon Musk isn't the only one open sourcing the auto industry. This small team out of Italy have started producing prototypes of electric cars you can build in under an hour, once you have all the parts. It's currently in the testing phase, and while it may look like a bigger golf cart, they're looking at making sure the Tabby can maintain high speeds on the roads, around 80 mph. 

Precious Plastic

For those who want a little more control over their recycling habits, this is a planned multi-machine pipeline to take old plastic bottles, containers, etc., shred it all up, and eventually turn them into filament for 3D printers to be reused. This is really cool, and a neat way of ensuring your trash doesn't make it into a landfill. The project is still under development, but is openly seeking expertise from anyone experienced with the plastic industry. 


This one's for all the music lovers out there. Meeblip is an open source synthesizer that looks incredibly sharp, and is capably of producing some amazing sounds. It's pretty cheap as far as music equipment goes, too. The circuits and software are available on GitHub. You can check out a brief demo below, and the Meeblip site features a few songs made entirely with the device, in case you don't just feel like playing with loops all day. 

Do you know any other cool open source hardware projects? Let us know in the comments!

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