Beyond the Phoenix Project: Word Clouds From Each Module

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Beyond the Phoenix Project: Word Clouds From Each Module

If you've been keeping up with this behind-the-scenes look at The Phoenix Project, you might like these word clouds showing the pivotal concepts.

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Over my last few posts, you will see several articles that describe each module from Beyond The Phoenix Project, along with excerpts from each — this is from the nine hours of recorded audio that John Willis and I created, summarizing hundreds of hours of research into the bodies of knowledge that DevOps draws most heavily upon.

We are told that the audio series will be posted on Audible and iTunes in March — while we are waiting, I decided to create word clouds for each module of Beyond The Phoenix Project. I find word clouds to be an astoundingly quick and deep way to visually portray what each module covers.


At the bottom of this post, I also provide links to the source code to generate the word frequencies, as well as the instructions for generating these on wordclouds.com.

Module 1: The Phoenix Project

Module 2: Goldratt

Module 3: Deming

Module 4: Lean

Module 5: Safety Culture

Module 6: Learning Organizations

Module 7: The Panel

Module 8: Case Studies

As before, you can download all nine excerpts from Beyond The Phoenix Project here!

P.S.: The source code for generating the word clouds can be found here.

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