Big Data: Additional Considerations

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Big Data: Additional Considerations

Questions like, ''What are the risks of not pursuing a Big Data strategy?'' and ''How is Big Data going to convert to tangible value?'' are important to ask.

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To gather insights on the state of Big Data today, we spoke with 22 executives from 20 companies who are working in Big Data themselves or providing Big Data solutions to clients.

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What have I failed to ask that you think we need to cover in this research guide?" 

  • What do people think with regard to Big Data technology? Does it include relational databases? What are the types of data and speeds? How do we view Big Data? Can it scale in different formats and different engines, and integrate? Big Data requires different tools. Application of Big Data in cyber security with firewalls, data, server logs, and application logs. Look for anomalies. Sim tools do a good job for known patterns. Big Data can uncover unknown threats. Where do you see the future with regards to merged data platforms given the problems that continue to exist around data silos?
  • All the building blocks to do Big Data aren’t talked about. Data must be cleansed and be in a searchable format. That’s the first step in a content conversion strategy for a Big Data initiative.
  • Help people understand how to find the fastest path to building solutions and how to project the time to deliver. Know the relative complexity of implementing different solutions with different technologies.
  • Think outside the box. What other data sources can we use? What does big data strategy for my business look like? What are the risks of not pursuing a Big Data strategy?
  • The enormity of the data in a distributed nature. Does Big Data always have to be centralized? Each layer processes data; craft the diversity of data and derive value from it. Where is Big Data going as an industry to convert to tangible value?
  • I am unclear what technologies and trends are specific to a particular industry. Are there certain technologies for certain buyers?
  • Voice search is a massive opportunity and source for data that’s going to get hotter. Focus on figuring how to take what we have to do good things for the market. Look for opportunities to make a positive impact on the world.
  • How do others see cloud playing into Big Data? Playgrounds in the cloud are great for developers, how do we bring that back on premises?
  • Focus on Machine Learning today and NLP after (Alexis and Echo).
  • How can companies that feel like they’re not big enough to get into analytics find a place to host their data that lets them analyze it? It's Mixpanel versus Google Analytics. Access to raw data usage to overlay to click and point to what you want and get to it. Then, you can grow with Pentaho or other products.

Is there anything we have not addressed in this series of posts about Big Data that you think is important to consider?

By the way, here's who we spoke to!

Here’s who we talked to:

  • Nitin Tyagi, Vice President Enterprise Solutions, Cambridge Technology Enterprises.
  • Ryan Lippert, Senior Marketing Manager and Sean Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera.
  • Sanjay Jagad, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Coho Data.
  • Amy Williams, COO, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL).
  • Andrew Brust, Senior Director Market Strategy and Intelligence, Datameer.
  • Eric Haller, Executive Vice President, Experian DataLabs.
  • Julie Lockner, Global Product Marketing, Data Platforms, Intersystems.
  • Jim Frey, V.P. Strategic Alliances, Kentik.
  • Eric Mizell, Vice President Global Engineering, Kinetica.
  • Rob Consoli, Chief Revenue Officer, Liaison.
  • Dale Kim, Senior Director of Industrial Solutions, MapR.
  • Chris Cheney, CTO, MPP Global.
  • Amit Satoor, Senior Director, Product and Solution Marketing, SAP.
  • Guy Levy-Yurista, Head of Product, Sisense.
  • Jon Bock, Vice President of Product and Marketing, Snowflake Computing.
  • Bob Brodie, CTO, SUMOHeavy.
  • Kim Hanmark, Director of Professional Services EMEA, TARGIT.
  • Dennis Duckworth, Director of Product Marketing, VoltDB.
  • Alex Gorelik, Founder and CEO and Todd Goldman, CMO, Waterline Data.
  • Oliver Robinson, Director and Co-Founder, World Programming.
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