Big Data Driving AdTech and User Experience

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Big Data Driving AdTech and User Experience

TripleLift is able to deliver advanced, real-time advertising that is also programmatic with some assistance from VoltDB.

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VoltDB has been selected by TripleLift, a leader in native programmatic advertising to deliver real-time native ads. With VoltDB, TripleLift is delivering precisely targeted native programmatic advertisements at a large scale, while ensuring accurate campaign pacing. By ingesting, analyzing and acting on incoming data streams in real time, VoltDB enables TripleLift to deliver a true RTB (real-time bidding) auctions, striking a balance between ad placements and buyer demand.

With many consumers opting for ad-blockers while browsing online. Native advertisements have a similar look and feel to editorial content. As such, they have more credibility and relevance to the reader and are more likely to be acted upon. Native ads are driving the next wave of innovation in the digital advertising market. By 2021, BI Intelligence anticipates native ad revenue will make up 74 percent of the total U.S. display ad revenue, in part due to the availability of programmatic technology that helps to scale native campaigns.

Need for Speed and Accuracy

TripleLift transforms video and photo content into engaging, in-feed native ads that match the unique look and feel of a publisher’s website. Accessible through the industry’s largest real-time, native programmatic exchange, TripleLift enables marketers to reach millions of consumers across any device, at scale — and manages massive amounts of data streams daily. With VoltDB, TripleLift can now process more than 13 billion events, one billion real-time auctions, a day, stitched into more than 700 million unique data sets, all while ensuring the accurate results its customers (advertisers) demand.

This is up 70 percent versus nine months ago and will only grow with the increase in the amount of mobile and sensor data.

“We were analyzing our streaming data on a per-batch basis with Spark, but this introduced a latency that fell above the real-time requirements for us and our customers. Couple that with the inefficiencies associated with managing multiple Spark clusters in four separate data centers globally, and we knew we needed a database refresh,” said Michael Harroun, Head of Backend Engineering at TripleLift. “The VoltDB Fast Data platform has not only reduced our footprint but provided us with the ability to meet the real-time demands of mobile ad placement while ensuring the accuracy of a growing number of transactions to keep our clients’ ad budgets and actual spend aligned.”

Real-Time Data Insights

VoltDB supports rapid ingest and streaming analysis of data on hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections. With round-trip latencies in milliseconds, VoltDB's platform manages advertising transactions at scale, and because VoltDB ingests and acts on data in real-time, providers are able to eliminate over-delivery of digital ads.

“Two of the biggest challenges in digital advertising are delivering the right content to the right audience at the right moment and then accurately billing the publisher and advertiser for that content. The key to overcoming these challenges is consistently ingesting, analyzing and acting on live data streams,” said David Flower, President and CEO of VoltDB. “TripleLift recognized the need to go beyond batch analysis to satisfy the real-time demands of its business. The VoltDB Fast Data Platform enables digital advertising platforms like TripleLift to more efficiently and effectively harness the power of real-time insights to deliver differentiated offerings that meet their customers evolving needs.”
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