Big Data Zone: Best of the Week (May 31-Jun. 7)

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Big Data Zone: Best of the Week (May 31-Jun. 7)

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In case you missed them, here are the best articles from The Big Data Zone from the past week, as chosen by the curator of The Big Data Zone. This week: An R enthusiast goes Pythonic!, data science from small to big data, the Fibonacci number system, using big data to compare Uber to yellow cabs, and parsing C in Python.

1. An R Enthusiast Goes Pythonic!

I’ve spent so many years using and broadcasting my love for R and using Python quite minimally. Having read recently about machine learning in Python, I decided to take on a fun little ML project using Python from start to finish. All in all, I hope this is as useful and educational for you as it was for me. It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while :)

2. Data Science: From Small to Big Data

This Tuesday, I will be in Leuven (in Belgium) at the ACP meeting to give a talk on Data Science: from Small to Big Data. The talk will take place in the Faculty Club from 6 till 8 pm. Slides can be found online (with animated pictures).

3. Fibonacci Number System

Every positive integer can be written as the sum of distinct Fibonacci numbers. For example, 10 = 8 + 2, the sum of the fifth Fibonacci number and the second. Programming exercise: How would you implement a function that finds the largest Fibonacci number less than or equal to its input? Once you have this it’s easy to write a program to find Fibonacci representations.

4. An Uber Cool Application of Big Data: Yellow Cabs vs Uber

A recent study using big data comparing Yellow Taxi and Uber trips in New York City seems to suggest that cabs might actually be cheaper than Uber.

5. On Parsing C, Type Declarations and Fake Headers

pycparser has become fairly popular in the past couple of years (especially following its usage in cffi). This means I get more questions by email, which leads me to getting tired of answering the same questions :-)

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