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Big law, small law, new law, old law…it’s bigger than that


When it comes to enterprise technology, I’m of the opinion that all firms, businesses and organisations face similar challenges. The pace at which technology moves requires agility and flexibility, as well as a significant chunk of risk, on the part of any business in order to keep up.

There is a great quote from Jack Welch which says “if the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” This is a challenge for most industries, but particularly for law which is notorious for being resistant to change and late to adopt new technologies.

But it is with these risks that the opportunities arise. Taking risks is an important part of running a business, whether it is a law firm or a banana farm. Many law firms may be feeling the pressure from the wider market and from their clients to move in the right direction, but they must remember that each firm, big, small, old or new, is in control of its own ability to change.

I wrote an article on this subject for The Time Blawg earlier this year, Big law, small law, new law, old law…it’s bigger than that. Head to The Time Blawg to have a read.


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