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Curator's Note: Jurgen Appelo recently listed some of his best blog posts over the long history of his outstanding Agile blog, which DZone is honored to syndicate. This "Big List of Agile Practices" from 2009 may be one of his best of all time.

Noose This post is probably going to be hated and loved at the same time. Because, when people talk about agile practices, they can sometimes become very religious. Which means I may be putting my head in a noose with this one.

But who cares. It's worth it. I like living dangerously.

You see, at different occasions I had wanted the availability of  a big list of agile practices. But I never found any. All common agile practices are spread out over different methods, and many different sites. That's why I decided to create my own list.

Disclaimer: the list below is definitely incomplete, and probably controversial!

I constructed the list below from practices found on eight different web sites. I ignored some well-known agile concepts like "keep it simple" and "remove waste" because I consider those to be principles, not practices. I also ignored some practices when I had the feeling that they were only listed on one site, and nobody else was using them. While on the other hand, I listed some practices here that some people do not consider to be truly agile. But I included them nonetheless, when I noticed that they are regularly being used in an agile context.

If you disagree with the list, or if you think some practices are missing, please let me know!

You see, I am considering to use this list for a poll on agile practices and how they are being applied. And I hope you're willing to help me in getting this list in order before conducting such a poll.

Thanks already!

Product Vision / Vision Statement SA JS
Product Backlog SA MG
User Stories Wiki SA C2 AM XP
Use Cases Wiki C2 AM XP
Usage Scenarios AM
Personas Wiki AM
Planning Poker Wiki
Requirement Prioritization Wiki AM
Architectural Spikes / Spike Solutions C2 XP
Domain Driven Design Wiki IXP
Emergent Design / Evolutionary Design Wiki C2 IXP
CRC Cards Wiki AM XP
Design by Contract Wiki
System Metaphor XP
Coding Style / Coding Guidelines / Coding Standard Wiki JS IXP
Test Driven Development Wiki C2 XP
Behavior Driven Development Wiki
Pair-Programming / Pairing Wiki C2 JS XP IXP
Refactoring Wiki C2 XP IXP
Collective Code Ownership C2 JS XP IXP
Daily Builds / Automated Builds / Ten-Minute Builds Wiki JS
Continuous Integration Wiki C2 JS XP IXP
Code Reviews / Peer Reviews Wiki
Software Metrics / Code Metrics & Analysis Wiki
Source Control / Version Control Wiki JS
Issue Tracking / Bug Tracking Wiki
Configuration Management Wiki
Frequent Delivery / Frequent Releases C2 XP IXP
Unit Testing Wiki XP
Smoke Testing / Build Verification Test Wiki
Integration Testing Wiki
System Testing Wiki
Exploratory Testing Wiki
Test Automation Wiki SA
Storytesting / Acceptance Criteria / Acceptance Testing Wiki C2 AM XP IXP
Timeboxing / Fixed Sprints / Fixed Iteration Length Wiki XP
Release Planning C2 JS XP
Iteration Planning / Planning Game / Sprint Planning Wiki SA MG C2 JS XP IXP
Sprint Backlog SA MG
Task Board SA MG
Definition of Done / Done Done SA JS
Daily Stand-up Meeting / Daily Scrum Wiki SA MG C2 JS XP
Velocity XP
Sprint Review / Iteration Demo SA MG JS
Value Stream Mapping Wiki
Root Cause Analysis / 5 Whys Wiki JS
Burn Down Charts / Burn Up Charts Wiki SA MG
Big Visible Charts / Information Radiators JS
Retrospective / Reflection Workshop Wiki SA JS IXP
Small Team IXP
Cross-Functional Team Wiki
Self-Organizing Team / Scrum Team MG
Colocated Team / Sitting Together / Common Workspace Wiki SA C2 JS IXP
On-Site Customer / Product Owner SA MG C2 JS
Scrum Master SA MG
Sustainable Pace IXP
Move People Around XP
Scrum of Scrums SA

Wiki = Wikipedia
SA = Scrum Alliance
MG = Mountain Goat Software
C2 = Cunningham & Cunningham
AM = Agile Modeling
JS = James Shore
XP = Extreme Programming
IXP = Industrial XP

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