The Big Website Merge: java.sun.com, developers.sun.com, BigAdmin, and OTN

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The Big Website Merge: java.sun.com, developers.sun.com, BigAdmin, and OTN

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This is the email Oracle sent to JUG Leaders mailing-list:

JUG Leaders, Java Champions:

You may have noted the reference to a planned Website integration in the FAQ that was published just at Sun/Oracle change-in-control. After months of work and planning by some of the same people who have run these sites for years, this project is at hand: On July 19, developers.sun.comjava.sun.com, BigAdmin, and Oracle Technology Network will become one (under oracle.com/technetwork). Because of your importance in the community, you are the first people to be notified about this news, and we encourage you to share it with your members/peers.


We have tried to anticipate major questions in the new FAQ published here. But before you get that far, I want to assure you of some very important things in relation to java.sun.com:

- All non-obsolete content will be migrated (yes, a clean-up was done), and when possible, original information architecture will be preserved.
- Although URLs will change, we will implement 1:1 redirects for the most popular/important content from the migrated sites – including the Java APIs. Your bookmarks won’t break.
- Java developers will continue to have their own “place” in the framework (atoracle.com/technetwork/java), just as they did under java.sun.com, and the content there will continue to be Technology-focused (not product-focused).
- Ultimately, I think you’ll find the approach similar to that of developers.sun.com.

I encourage you to read the FAQ for more information, and if you have comments or feedback, to provide it via this list or to me directly.

We are going to do everything we can to make this integration as seamless as possible, but the reality is that this project is large and complex; so you may encounter some challenges on the first day. However we’ll make incremental improvements quickly, and we need your help and feedback to do that.

From http://loianegroner.com/2010/07/the-big-website-merge-java-sun-com-developers-sun-com-bigadmin-and-otn


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