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Bistri APIs: Easily Integrate Video Calling/ Conferencing

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Bistri APIs: Easily Integrate Video Calling/ Conferencing

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Originally authored by Vanessa Ramos

Make things Simple.Arnaud Budkiewicz, Bistri

Interview with Arnaud Budkiewicz, CEO and co-founder of Bistri, formerly CIO of BT France.

Tell us more about Bistri APIs
WebRTC offers developers a great opportunity to re-build the user experience of video calls and video conference totally on new bases. As a platform we want to offer developers the best toolbox, easy to apply from the beginner to the advanced developer.

What API(s) does Bistri offer today?
The developers have a total control of the look and feel, the UX, the UI. They build their own Video Calling, Video Conferencing application, they are focused on the user experience, and the Bistri platform take care of the technical things behind the scenes like the differences of implementation of WebRTC between Chrome and Firefox, or the ICE infrastructure (STUN, TURN) to make the flows going through firewalls.

Today, we have a Javascript API, Javascript Widgets, WordPress Widgets. Of course the Javascript API is the way to have the highest level of customization.

When did Bistri realize that it needed an API?
Since Bistri.com is live, we have been contacted by several large companies who see in WebRTC an opportunity to finally really integrate the Video Calling into their internal communication tools, but also to communicate with their customers, their partners, within their applications, not using third party softwares on the side. In most cases, softwares like Skype have always been prohibited in a lot of large companies for security reasons.

A few months ago, we decided to release the Bistri APIs to let the developers and the companies, make their own Video Calling / Conferencing product. Screen sharing, Data Chanels are also important features that extend the possibilities to build incredible applications that work on any device, on the Web but also inside native mobile apps.

What recommendations and tips would you give to a company planning to launch an API?
On the development side, invest in documentation, tutorials, examples of applications.

On the management side, be prepared for the support that you will need to provide to your clients.

But the very first thing to do? Call your bank now! It is incredible the numbers of days, weeks, that banks and credit card gateway make you lose…

Why and how are you using 3scale API Management Platform today?
When we tried the several API Management solutions, 3scale made immediately the difference. Easy to use, easy to configure and customize. Today, it is even mixed with WordPress and nobody can see it.

What benefits have you seen/are you expecting from your API program?
In a very short time, you will present your API like a pro, with all the features that developers used to see on the well known platforms.

What is your vision for your API?
Since we offer a cross-device platform, soon we will provide the Bistri SDK for Android, iOS, plugged on 3scale. The developers will monitor and manage in one place all their products.

3scale customer Bistri APIs

Bistri is an open video calling solution that makes anybody reachable in one click.

Fully based on the WebRTC standard, Bistri is available on the Web, on Android, and iOS. You can even make some video calls from Google Chrome for Android.

The Bistri Button and the Free Bistri APIs provide an easy access to all the possibilities offered by the Bistri platform. http://developers.bistri.com


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