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Thoughts of a Chronic Blamer

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Thoughts of a Chronic Blamer

The downward spiral of blame is a bad place to be.

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The Blamer

I didn't do it.

I have a long list of people I like to blame for the dysfunction I see in organizations. I blame Managers, Directors, CEOs, Testers, Salesmen, Recruiters, Architects, IT Engineers, Customers, Business Analysts, Help Desk, HR, Finance, Consultants, and Coaches.

I blame those with more experience and those just starting. I blame the courageous and the scared. I blame my friends, my foes, and my family. I blame those I understand and those I don’t. I am expert in everyone else’s problems.

I blame others, and they blame me. The more difficult the problem, the more I need the help of others, the more I blame others and push them away.

I fear the problem becoming mine. I can’t fix the problem alone; I might get it wrong. If I look closer at the problem, it might be bigger than I thought. The problem might turn out to be down to something I did. Others might blame me. I might look incompetent. I might be embarrassed. I might lose my job.

I blame others to protect myself. I blame others so I don’t have to think. I am the blamer and the blamed. I live in fear.

PS. This is clearly no way to live.

Originally published June 2013

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