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BlazeMeter: Launching the JMeter Testing Cloud

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BlazeMeter: Launching the JMeter Testing Cloud

BlazeMeter recently launched its cloud load testing service and announcing its $1.2 million funding round led by YL Ventures. I joined the BlazeMeter board of directors back in Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 12.08.06 AM July and we've been preparing for this launch since, so it's exciting seeing it all come together.

Like several other startups that I've been involved with, BlazeMeter leverages open source software in a cloud service, making web application development a whole lot easier.

Specifically, BlazeMeter uses Apache JMeter, the popular open source performance testing
framework, to create massive volumes of realistic browser simulations. BlazeMeter also allows current JMeter users, who have an existing set of JMeter scripts, to instantly load those scripts to the cloud and run them without any changes. Alternatively, folks can simply enter a URL, choose a pre-defined test scenario and run it instantly (with approporiate security measures when requesting very large stress volumes).

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BlazeMeter Interactive Load Reports 50

The beauty of what Alon Girmonsky, BlazeMeter founder and CEO, and his team did with it, is that although BlazeMeter is extremely easy to use, it is an enterprise-grade performance testing tool, both in terms of scalability and in terms of the comprehensiveness of the reports and analysis it provides.

In addition, BlazeMeter's pricing model is extremely attractive with a combination of usage-based pricing and subscriptions. And you can start running tests for free.

The company has a lot of great plans in store and I will have a lot more to say about it but for now, congrats to Alon, Daniela and the rest of the team! Alon is an incredible enterpreneur and I look forward to working with him on building BlazeMeter to a great company in the coming months and years.


Check out Alon's intro blog post, and don't forget to follow them on Twitter: @BlazeMeter for updates.

And see some additional coverage on the company today:

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