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Blended Software — a New Resource

Learn about Blended Software, a new resource for programmers new to the Java space or existing Java devs who may not be aware of what's available to them.

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There is a saying about my part of the world that is focused on the weather. It basically says, 

"if you don't like the current weather, just wait...because it will change."

The saying is typically mentioned when spring conditions arrive in the middle of winter, fall conditions arrive in the middle of summer, or really any unexpected change in the weather.

In technology, we can become so focused in our role that we lose track of aspects that are important to understand. When this is added into the same bucket of things we once knew (but no longer quite retain), it's easy to feel like we don't have a solid understanding of topics core to our role in the industry.

That is why Blended Software arrived on the scene.

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About Blended Software

Blended Software is currently the one-man show of a guy I have worked alongside for a few years now. His name is Russell and I have mentioned him in the following articles:

While working on a couple of different projects, Russell realized that peer developers we were working alongside lacked knowledge and experience in the Java language in which they were submitting pull requests (PRs) for review.  

As we talked, Russell quickly realized that there were things that we had not fully understood, which were really important aspects of our positions as API developers working with the Java programming language. That is when Russell decided (over the most-recent holiday break) to create Blended Software.

Basically, Blended Software has a goal to provide videos and live streams to walk through core topics in a manner that is both educational and fun.  As you watch Russell present, you will certainly see what I mean, as he is transparent with his knowledge/lack of knowledge during the presentations.

Episode One

To give an example, the very first episode (which is available on YouTube) talks about compiling Java class files, the Java classpath, and how to run Java applications without an IDE or build tool.  

Even though I have been working with Java since the late 1990s, I walked away learning something from Blended Software. Had I not known Russell personally, I still would have subscribed to this channel — making sure to tune in for every future broadcast.  

Like everything else, his presentations continue to evolve, as the live stream I watched yesterday on Twitch showed his current video design — complete with flashing lights that can be changed by users in the chat:

Connecting to Blended Software

If you are interested in learning from Russell and Blended Software, you can subscribe and follow him in the following mediums:

YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNJDwNBjK_lge_DBU5UoYg

Twitch -> https://www.twitch.tv/blendedsoftware

Twitter -> https://twitter.com/RussellScheerer

If you can catch a live stream, that is a must, as he does really well with interacting with the chat panel, often changing course from his original outline to flow where the viewers are most interested in going.

Have a really great day!

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