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Blockchain Powering Loyalty to New Hybrid Cloud Heights

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Blockchain Powering Loyalty to New Hybrid Cloud Heights

Blockchain isn't just about Bitcoin. See how one company used it as a driving factor to boost consumer engagement and enhance hybrid cloud environments.

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There has been a lot said about the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain, mostly in the realm of financial services and Bitcoin.

It goes beyond the normal usages you might think of with blockchain technologies, such as ICOs where tokens are sold as initial offerings to purchase services from the companies making the offerings.

There are others jumping into the fray, such as large logistics companies attempting to gain better control of shipping standards.

The basis is about trust, being absolutely sure that the thing you are receiving is actually what it's supposed to be. With that in mind, there are many other interesting opportunities for using blockchain technologies to ensure your applications and customers are interacting through a cryptographically secure, decentralized, tamper-proof network.

Let's take a look at how this can be implemented using open technologies and watch the recording of this live demo as presented on stage in Sydney, shall we?

Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain

Just this year in Sydney, Australia at the Red Hat Customer Forum, a small team demonstrated a really interesting way to use an open source technology implementation called Ethereum in a travel industry scenario.

blockchain powers travelThere is much more in this scenario, so let's look at what they are showcasing.

A small team tells the story of how a fictitious travel company, Destinasia, is able to leverage various open technologies and cloud services to gain momentum in their digital transformation journey. They showcase how quickly they're able to react to changes in their markets in Asia, offering evolving customer experiences across mobile devices and leverage both their own as well as third-party services through blockchain distributed ledger technology to implement a loyalty-points-sharing experience across many of their customers travel services.

This demo story is packed with a lot of very valid solutions for real-life business problems, demonstrating across this unique storyline how open technologies are enabling businesses to respond to their constantly changing marketplaces.

Imagine the following all available to your business and implemented using open technologies across a hybrid cloud scenario:

  • Imagine the power of Loyalty Points that can be transferred instantly and securely, to any other loyalty program, using a common digital currency
  • Generate additional revenue streams by sharing existing business assets — think residual revenue
  • Peak or off-peak season — your entire application and infrastructure stack automatically adjusts itself to meet seasonal business needs.

Now grab a coffee, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the video recording of the complete Destinasia Travel company's digital transformation experience:

If you want to see the specifics of the blockchain open technology in the Destinasia solution story, jump to 47:30 in the video.

Leave a comment or reach out directly if you are interested in discussing these topics.

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