Blog Managers: Add Your Team to the MVB Multiblogger Program

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Blog Managers: Add Your Team to the MVB Multiblogger Program

If you're a blog manager with an interest in becoming an MVB, the DZone MVB multiblogger program might be the best solution.

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If you manage a blog with multiple contributors, you might be wondering if the MVB program fits your circumstances. Luckily, it can. With the MVB multiblogger program, all of your blog authors can have their content syndicated easily to DZone. 

What is the MVB Multiblogger Program?

The DZone MVB multiblogger program can be described as a "bigger version" of the MVB Program. An MVB or Most Valuable Blogger is a single blogger who gives permission for the DZone team to republish or syndicate their content. The blogger allows our editors to access his or her RSS feed and select those posts that are relevant to the DZone audience for publication. 

You can read more about the MVB Program here

The MVB multiblogger program was created to help tech blogs with multiple contributors get their content in front of the DZone audience. It's basically the MVB program but for a blog with more than one contributor. Rather than considering only content written by you, our content coordinators will curate posts from all contributors registered to the blog.

How It Works 

To get started, email the DZone editorial team at editors@dzone.com and include the following info:

  • Your company name

  • A brief description of your company

  • Your blog name and URL

  • The approximate number of bloggers who contribute to your company blog 

If we think your blog content would be a good fit for the DZone audience, we'll let you know via email and pass along our signup form. 

In the form, you'll need to list the real names and DZone usernames of the blog authors who would like their content to be considered for publication on DZone. Yes, your bloggers will need DZone profiles in order to join the MVB multiblogger program - we explain why in the FAQs below. 

The form will also contain a section for notes. This is where you can outline any special circumstances, including posts to exclude, authors to exclude, or anything else you might want us to know. 

Once the form has been filled out, simply e-sign it, and we'll get you set up for syndication.

What happens once the form is signed? Our editorial team will add your company blog's RSS feed to our content management account. Those blog contributors who have given permission for syndication will be considered for publication on DZone right away. 

Why Sign Up?

The MVB multiblogger program makes it easy for your company's blog content to reach the highly technical DZone audience. There's no need to submit articles individually - just keep posting quality content to your blog, and our editorial team will take care of the rest. 


How many bloggers is "too many"?

There's currently no maximum to the number of bloggers from a single RSS feed we can add to the MVB Program. However, the average is around five or six. We've done as many as 100 for a single company blog. With our current staff, however, that's likely our upper limit for adding in multibloggers. 

Will all of our company blog content get syndicated? 

No. Our editorial team will only publish posts that fit our current needs and will resonate with our highly technical audience. All of your blog posts will appear in our content feed, allowing us to choose what we think fits best for our readers, but not all of your posts will be syndicated to DZone.

Of course, due to the high volume of blogs we follow and the manual nature of syndication, we may sometimes miss some good posts. If that's the case, then feel free to log onto DZone and submit an article to us—you can do this on behalf of your teammates also. This tutorial explains exactly how to submit a post for consideration, and we'd much prefer that you take this route rather than emailing us your suggestions.

Can we write about company news and announcements?

Only if they come at the topic from a technical perspective. Check out the "Turning a Press Release Into a Tutorial" post for ideas on going from announcement to quality DZone content.

Do all of my company bloggers need DZone accounts? 

Yes. All bloggers who want their content syndicated will need to have a DZone account. The reason for this is notifications. Our system automatically notifies authors when an article has been scheduled, published, or commented upon - if the author doesn't have a profile, he or she can't receive these notifications.

Aside from this, we think it's important that these bloggers are aware of and invested in the work that they share on DZone. Having DZone accounts set up for each author helps to ensure that! 

Can a blogger exclude him or herself from the MVB program? 

Sure! We'll only publish content from bloggers who have given their approval for their posts to be syndicated. If someone gave permission previously but now would like to be removed from the program, just let us know.

We've just hired a new blogger - how do we add her to the program? 

Have that person create a DZone account, then contact us at editors@dzone.com; we'll get him or her set up! 

How do I see how my team is doing?

After your RSS feed is set up in our system, we'll email you and include a list of the DZone profiles associated with your blog. You can view each blogger's posts to DZone by visiting his or her profile. We're working on making contributor data access easier for blog managers - stay tuned! 

To get started as a multiblog, email us at editors@dzone.com. 

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