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Fast Feed Fishing With BlogBridge 6.3

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Fast Feed Fishing With BlogBridge 6.3

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Let me introduce another release of the BlogBridge project, but first briefly a recap of what BlogBridge is. It's a powerful news aggregator and a feed reader for Mac, Windows, and Linux. We say that it’s an aggregator for people who need to follow hundreds and hundreds of feeds. In fact we have users who are following thousands. You will also find many unique features that no other reader or aggregator has. Take a look at this if you don’t believe us, check out our visual tour.

Even though we charge for certain features of the power-user levels, the basic level which is obviously more than enough for the majority is free, and the whole product is Open Source (except for our back-end server-side service), so that you are encouraged to contribute ideas, code, and otherwise.

BlogBridge makes it ridiculously easy to fish hundreds of feeds for interesting bits of information in record times, it's pleasant to use since everything is so polished by ages. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to give it a spin. Perhaps, it's what you were always looking for.

BlogBridge 6.3 Mac
Mac OS X
BlogBridge 6.3 Windows
BlogBridge 6.3 Linux

Since the last Final version - 6.0.2 - we have had numerous enhancement discussions, profiling sessions, development releases and other fun. It would be next to impossible to list every way in which the product has evolved. The best we can do is to highlight these great new features worth the front page (everyone likes new features after all).


Template engine for the "Post To Blog" feature (Publishing level)

BlogBridge 6.3 Template EditorPost to Blog command is a powerful tool that lets you share your findings with the readers of your own blogs. Whenever you find anything interesting, you call the command and the post editor jumps out with the source post text fragment ready for commenting and updating otherwise.

When you are finished, you can post it to one of more of your blogs to one or more categories, be it a draft or a published version. Previously there were only three templates -- full text, brief text, and titles only -- to prepare the text of your own post from the selected articles. Now you have these and are able to define any number of your own with our flexible templating language.

For more information, check this post on the product blog.


Sentiment Analysis feature (Publishing level)

BlogBridge 6.3 Sentiment AnalysisWe like to explore new ways of processing the avalanche of information that is landing on us all the time. This tool helps you to sift the articles by their sentiment -- positive or negative. You list words that you feel positive and negative about, pick the color for color-coding and let the application do everything else. BlogBridge computes the sentiment bias for each article and marks them appropriately. In addition, you can filter them (positive only, negative only, non-negative only) or enhance your Smart Feeds with sentiment-related conditions.

For more information, check this post on the product blog.


Discover Other Blogs

If a blog you read links to other blogs, chances are that they are worth a look. With this feature we help you do just that. You can pick a feed or an article and ask our discovery engine to look for other blogs hidden behind the links in articles. As it finds them it highlights them, green (for blogs you already know about) and red (for blogs that are new to you). It all ads up to giving you another tool with which to find the best information out there. See if you like it.

For more information, check this post on the product blog.


Additonal Feature Highlights

BlogBridge 6.3 Statistics
BlogBridge 6.3 What's Hot
What's Hot
BlogBridge 6.3 Post To Blog
Post To Blog


Other noticeable changes

  • Core: Improved reliability of feeds parsing
  • Core: Fixed odd behavior of the Cleanup Wizard when a guide is selected
  • Core: Polling of huge subscription lists doesn’t block GUI
  • OPML: Updated OPML export dialog with an extended export option
  • GUI: Improved rendering of aligned images and images inside links
  • GUI: SmartFeed article header redesign
  • GUI: The feed link in a SmartFeed article header has feed context menu now
  • GUI: Added an option to show article URLs in the headers (see Preferences / Articles)
  • GUI: Added image blocker (not all images can be clicked over yet)
  • Net: Repopulating own del.icio.us tags on “Get Others Tags”



If you feel anything about the product or simply interested in what others think:

Finally, here are the links for your downloading convenience:

We hope you enjoy this new release!


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