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Blogging: An Excellent Opportunity for Programmers

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Blogging: An Excellent Opportunity for Programmers

Being a programmer isn't just about writing code. Blogging can be an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise.

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Programming as a profession is in a class of its own. It’s highly envied due to the creativity and the amount of brain work involved.

It requires many years of practice to rise above just a basic level where you can write short programs that work. Also, programmers are often autodidactic in nature, and this makes them special.

But what happens when you consistently develop unique software, but nobody notices your work or hires you?

You’ve tried hard to convince people about your proficiency but you’re still not on the cutting edge. Don’t just quit half-way through your career; all you need do is figure out the missing link.

Set Up a Blog

Starting a blog opens up windows of opportunities for programmers. It’s an outlet through which you can share what you know, market your expertise and sell your products.

If you’re looking at giving your business the required boost, blogging is the right way to go. You’ll be amazed at the magical effect it will bring into your career.

So if you’ve just developed an application and you want people to know about it, go blog about it.

What a Blog Does for You

Blogging assists you to build a personal brand which is your reputation. Your blog tells a lot about you and your mental abilities, and this sets you apart from the multitude.

It helps your client to know you better. Your prospective clients or employers want to know if you’re truly passionate about what you do, so they carry out a personality check on you. All they do is go to Google and search for your name.

For some people, your LinkedIn profile and Facebook page may just be okay, but the only way you can beat others to the game is by having a blog.

Also, blogging boosts your level of confidence. No matter how vulnerable your blog might be, it increases your level of confidence because people can see and instantly access what you can do.

Another important aspect of the blog is the publicity it drives. I’ve seen amazing blogs on popular computer programs such as IOS mobile apps, HTML, JAVA, MYSQL, C++ etc. What they all do is drive market for their applications through their blogs.

Once the technical aspect has been handled through software development, your blog handles the business side of it. It’s the easiest way to market your stuff without breaking the bank.

Your blog naturally generates a lot of traffic if you post relevant content. You don’t necessarily have to master SEO strategies or be a guru; just churn out quality content consistently. You’ll get noticed naturally.

How to Set Up a Blog

Amazingly, the process of starting a blog is quite simple! It’s not one hell of a job requiring huge technical expertise.

There are several websites that offer step by step tutorials on how to establish a blog for free. Google is your friend. All you need to do is make your research and subscribe to such websites. Follow the tutorial and create your blog.

However, if you know how to use html, go straight and create one.

What to do on Your Programming Blog

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge and expressing your ideas through writing. Here, all you need is basic writing skills. You should always communicate with simple, comprehensible words.

But if you find writing difficult and the only things you can write are codes, just hire an expert to do the blogging for you! Do it well, and soon, you might become a prominent entrepreneur like Amin Khoury or Matt Mullenweg.

Ultimately, teaching what you know is what makes your blog relevant. You can create premium online tutorials and get students to enrol for a fee.

If you like, you can sell your courses on online platforms such as Udemy.

Take Action

So far you’ve seen how excellent blogging can be for programmers and how you can use it to enhance your professional career. If you take this bold step, you could be celebrated as both a programmer and a blogger. Plus, there are awesome opportunities to have your blog syndicated by recognized publications like DZone, through their Most Valuable Blogger program or Zone Leader program.

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