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Blue Ocean — A New UX for Jenkins

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Blue Ocean — A New UX for Jenkins

Blue Ocean, Jenkins fresh-faced UI, is now in beta and ready for you test out. Give the new interface a try and see whether you think the UX has improved.

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Just a couple of days ago, Cloudbees announced the release of the Blue Ocean beta at Jenkins World 2016.

I was there for the opening Jenkins Community Keynote by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Jenkins and CTO at Cloudbees... though, he still humbly describes himself as simply a developer at heart. Kohsuke gave shout outs to the many contributors helping to develop the open source automation server and highlighted a variety of updates—including the crowd-pleaser Pipeline as Code—but perhaps the largest applause came when Kohsuke announced that the beta for Blue Ocean is officially available.   

Blue Ocean aims to improve the UX for Jenkins users, giving the pipeline a better design and making the experience more enjoyable and easier to follow for operations and management, as well as developers. The new UX came at the request of the community, and as is the case with Jenkins, the community contributors played a large part in developing it.

A quote from James Dumay (Blue Ocean Product Manager at Cloudbees) highlights the community involvement over CloudBees' own participation in the project:

While the project’s inception has happened within CloudBees we see this project being one owned by the community. At CloudBees we recognize the importance of a vibrant and healthy Jenkins community, we see the company and community working in symbiosis: a thriving developer community is good for CloudBees and CloudBees provides time and money back into the community to make it stronger. Blue Ocean is our way of giving back and strengthening. To that effect we’ve put together a new team of product, UX, frontend and backend developers (some old faces and a lot of new ones!) that will be working on this project with the community full time

Video Breakdown for Blue Ocean

Here's a quick overview showing the new interface and how it works:


And, here's a longer explanation and demo of Blue Ocean taken from SF JAM (San Francisco Jenkins Area Meetup):

Blue Ocean Goals in Brief

Summed up nicely in this blog post (and in more detail here), Blue Ocean aims to:

  • simplify usage by making the UI more concise... not to mention, now there's no need to manually refresh the page either as screens respond immediately to changes

  • improve pipeline visualizations, providing clarity by taking you to the source of where a build fails in your code

  • provide automated discovery of branches and validation of pull requests upon dropping a Jenkinsfile into your Git repository

  • offer a personalized dashboard for projects that you choose to follow, making it easier to see at a glance what jobs need your attention... now you know when you're good to check out and go home :-)

Get Involved

In order to download and install Blue Ocean, you first need to enable the experimental update center and then search for "BlueOcean :: UX". And, for information on downloading Jenkins 2, go here.

Improving UX is nearly impossible without user feedback, so if you're a Jenkins user or considering becoming one and have thoughts about Blue Ocean you can share them here (Note: the team request that you use the prefix [Blue Ocean] in your subject line when posting.)

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