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Blue Ocean Makes Creating Pipelines Fun and Intuitive for Teams Doing Continuous Delivery

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Blue Ocean Makes Creating Pipelines Fun and Intuitive for Teams Doing Continuous Delivery

This week, CloudBees and the Jenkins project announce Blue Ocean 1.0, a new way for teams to visualize continuous delivery pipelines.

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Is the concept of adopting a continuous everything model a daunting task for your fast moving business? Read this whitepaper to break down and understand one of the key pillars of this model in Continuous Governance: The Guardrails for Continuous Everything.

Here at CloudBees, we know that continuous delivery is as much about people as it is about tools. We believe that the best tools should enable people to work smarter and not harder. This week, CloudBees and the Jenkins project are proud to announce general availability of Blue Ocean 1.0.

Blue Ocean is an entirely modern and enjoyable way for developers to use Jenkins that is built from the ground up for continuous delivery (CD) pipelines. No code or text editing is required. It moves continuous delivery out of the purview of experts and allows anyone to build CD pipelines and begin practicing DevOps as quickly as possible.

We know that the entire business – not just developers – needs to be engaged in continuous delivery for it to be successful. For developers, CD is about deploying software, while for the business-minded, it’s about delivering value to customers - faster than the competition. Blue Ocean is designed to be the convergence of these two goals. 

Blue Ocean will be integrated into the CloudBees products and enhanced in the next few months. In the meantime, it is available today from the Jenkins project, in the update center. We’ve got big plans in store for reflecting our investment in Blue Ocean in our other enterprise tools soon – so stay tuned! 


Visual Pipeline Editing - Team members of any skill level can create continuous delivery pipelines from start to finish with just several clicks, using the intuitive, visual pipeline editor. Any pipeline created with the visual editor can also be edited in your favorite text editor bringing all the benefits of Pipeline as Code. 

Pipeline Visualization - Developers can visually represent pipelines in a way that anyone on the team can understand - even your boss’s boss - improving clarity into the continuous delivery process for the whole organization. The visualization helps you focus on what the pipeline does, not how it does it.

Pinpoint Troubleshooting - Blue Ocean enables developers to locate automation problems instantly, without endlessly scanning through logs or navigating through many screens, so you can get back to building the next big thing.

GitHub and Git Integration - Pipelines are created for all feature branches and pull requests, with their status reported back to GitHub. The whole team has visibility into whether changes need work or are good to go. 

Personalization – Every team member can make Jenkins their own by customizing the dashboard so they only see the pipelines that matter to them. Favoriting any pipeline or branch in Blue Ocean will show a favorite card on the dashboard so you can see its status at a glance.

Why not give your team a boost and try Blue Ocean – it’s available for free, today, from your CloudBees Plugin Manager!

Are you looking for greater insight into your software development value stream? Check out this whitepaper: DevOps Performance: The Importance of Measuring Throughput and Stability to see how CloudBees DevOptics can give you the visibility to improve your continuous delivery process.

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