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The Blurring Lines of Languages

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The Blurring Lines of Languages

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On Twitter the other day I had a short conversation (well, it wasn’t really a conversation since it was only about 4 tweets) with Jeff Cohen who is the author of Rails for .NET Developers. Which is, by the way, an excellent book and highly recommended. The conversation that we had was about the dynamic keyword for C# and its implications for C# developers.

Jeff expressed some concern for the keyword and its potential abuse among C# developers. His point was that if C# developers want to write dynamic code, then you need to use a language like IronRuby or IronPython, not try to inject dynamic code inside of C#. Thankfully, for  the most part, I agree with him! However, I do think the dynamic keyword is a great thing because, most importantly, it allows interop between static and dynamic languages to be super easy. Without dynamic, we would have to use all kinds of nasty APIs to use an IronRuby object inside of C#.

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