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BoofCV: Fast Java Computer Vision Library

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BoofCV: Fast Java Computer Vision Library

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Introducing BoofCV

BoofCV is an open source Java library for real-time computer vision and robotics applications.  Written from scratch for ease of use and high performance, it provides both basic and advanced features needed for creating a computer vision system.  Functionality include optimized low level image processing routines (e.g. convolution, interpolation, gradient) to high level functionality such as image stabilization.  Released under a Apache license for both academic and commercial use.

BoofCV is organized into four package, ''image processing'', ''features'', ''geometric vision'', and ''IO''.  ''Image processing'' contains commonly used image processing functions which operate directly on pixels.  ''Features'' contains feature extraction algorithms for use in higher level operations.  ''Geometric vision'' is composed of routines for processing extracted image features using 2D and 3D geometry. ''IO'' stands for input/output and contains common routines for reading in images and displaying extracted information.

Project Website: http://boofcv.org

Image Stitchin Binary Image Processing
 Image stiching example.  Binary image processing example.



 Image Convolution
 Corner Detection
 Image Stabilization
 Image Derivatives
 Line Detection
 Image Stitching
 Interpolation  Interest Points
 Geometric Vision
 Image Blur
 Scale Space Features
 Binary Image
 Edge Detection
 Image Denoising
 Region Descriptors
 Discrete Image Pyramids
 Region Orientation
 Float Image Pyramids
 Feature Association
 Scale Space Image
 Feature tracking
 Steerable Kernels
 Non-max Suppression
 Image Distort


Detected Fast Hessian interest points

 Detected fast hessian interest point.


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