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Book Review: C# in Depth - What You Need to Master C# 2 and 3

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Book Review: C# in Depth - What You Need to Master C# 2 and 3

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In the last weeks  C# in Depth I read the book “C# in Depth – hat You Need to Master C# 2 nd 3” that was written by Jon Skeet. You might ask yourself why I bothered reading a book about C# 2 and 3. The answer is very simple.  Knowing some material isn’t enough and reading leads to wide and deeper knowledge. One of the first things that I recommend people who ask me how can I learn and gain programming knowledge is reading good technical books. That leads me right back to the book. C# in Depth is a great book to read. I really enjoyed the writer’s writing and the book itself. Sometimes when I read technical books I get bored and this book succeeded to fascinate me so I kept on reading.

What You are Going to Gain from The Book?

A lot. The book is a deep dive into the past (C# 2) and to the present (C# 3). It includes all the language enhancements and features and shows how they developed during time. I really liked the discussion about delegates which is well defined in the book.

What is Included in The Book?

The book is including the following parts:

  • Preparing for the journey – this chapter covers all the overview about C# and it develop from C# 1.
  • Solving the issues of C# 1 -  this part include all the new (currently they are now old) features of C# 2 including Generics, Nullable types, delegates (which were introduced in C# 1 but were very improved in C# 2), iterators using yield and more.
  • C# 3 – revolutionizing how we code – this part discuss the new features of C# 3 including initializers, anonymous types, lambda expressions and expression trees, extension methods, LINQ and more.


"C# in Depth” is a very recommended book. I give it 5 stars out of five. If you look for a very interesting book about C# evolution and more this is your book.



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