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Book Review: JBoss AS7 Configuratio, Deployment and Admiistration

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Book Review: JBoss AS7 Configuratio, Deployment and Admiistration

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JBoss 7 is the latestJava EE application server to be released by Red Hat. Version 7 iscertified against the Java EE 6 Web Profile and has been developedwith productivity and speed in mind – the current version offeringsignificant speed enhancements over previous versions. Not only isAS7 available as a download for developers, it is also an importantaspect of Red Hat's OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.JBoss AS 7 Configuration, Deployment and Administration explains howto use all the components that make up the application servercovering (as you would expect from the title) configuration,management, deployment and administration. Many of these featuresare different in AS 7 from previous versions of JBoss AS so this bookis in invaluable resource. The book is aimed at administrators,developers and testers, so whatever your role, chances are you willfind something useful in the book.

The book starts byshowing how to download and install AS7. The procedure here ispretty much the same as for other versions of JBoss, so if you'veused it before, you shouldn't experience any problems here. What isdifferent however is the structure of the application server itselfand the tools used to interact with it. The first chapter of thebook explains how the new server is different from previous releasesand begins to explain the basics of the server.

After introducing AS7,the book continues to go further into depth on the configuration sideof the server. Configuration of thread pools, logging, datasourcesand EJB etc. is all covered in depth. Plenty of sample XML anddiagrams are used to help with the discussions. The book alsoincludes a chapter on configuring and managing JBoss domains whichincludes useful reading for those implementing and installing JBossservers.

One of the main piecesof functionality in an enterprise application is probably handled viathe Web Container. The book provides plenty of details on how toconfigure the JBoss Web Container and includes sample Eclipse basedsource code showing how to create and deploy a basic web application. Note that the emphasis throughout the book is on how the applicationserver can be configured and maintained and not on how to developJava EE applications. It is useful, from a developer's perspective,to occasionally see some source code to see the interaction with theserver however.

In previous versions ofthe JBoss Application Server, managing the application server (forexample creating datasources or JMS queues) was typically performedvia manually editing XML files or via the JMX console. With AS 7,both a comprehensive CLI and Web Console are provided. The bookcontains extensive details of these together with details of how theycan be configured.

For those interested ininstalling JBoss AS, the next few chapters will be extremely useful. Clustering and load balancing are described in-depth with manydetails included, for example different caching configuration andintegration with Apache HTTP Server using mod_jk.

The final chapter ofthe book discusses cloud computing and how this relates to JBoss AS 7in the form of OpenShift Express and OpenShift Flex. The authorexplains these services and then shows how to deploy and manage asimple Java EE application to the services. Given the nature of cloudcomputing, I believe these chapters will be essential reading formost developers.
If you're developingJava EE applications using JBoss AS 7, or planning to upgrade to AS 7sometime soon, then I'd recommend this book. The book is useful tonew users of AS 7 as well as to those that have been using the ASsince it was first released as version 7 last year. Differentsections of the book will appeal to different audiences(administrator, developer, tester etc.), but I think the use you'llget from this book will be invaluable. 
Recommended reading forall users of JBoss AS 7.

Thanks to Sean at PacktPublishing for sending me a copy of this book to review.

JBoss AS 7Configuration, Deployment, and Administration by Francesco Marchioni. ISBN 978-1-84951-678-5


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