Bootstrap’s Top 10 Big Data Predictions for 2013, Part 2

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Bootstrap’s Top 10 Big Data Predictions for 2013, Part 2

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 Big data is one of the dominant marketing topics of 2013 and Bootstrap believes that every technology related company needs to define their big data positioning and value-proposition. Since we’re still in the season of predictions, we pulled together Bootstrap’s Top 10 Big Data Predictions for 2013. These predictions are a mix of serious and frivolous thoughts on the state of the big data market as it enters what we believe will be a turbulent year.

Here is part 2 of our predictions:

5. Cloud big data platforms will become a reality led by Amazon Redshift and followed by a pack of emerging contenders.
6. Amazon will continue to reduce pricing in the face of smarter, nimbler competition and the rise of the private cloud.
7. Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM and Cisco will sink millions into big data marketectures that no-one, other than their existing customers, buy.
8. There will be a 100% increase in the effort vendors put into the “how” of analyzing big data.
9. 40% of all fortune 1000 enterprises will exit 2013 with production big data projects.
10. 50% of all big data related predictions will be wrong.

Make sure to checkout Part 1 of Top 10 Big Data Predictions for 2013. If you need help figuring out where your company plays in the big data market, please contact us – we can help!


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