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This article says not just that mobile is the hottest segment, but that the lure of working as a corporate stooge is nil. Ah, the good old days when you could get a bunch of newbs into a conference room and put a bunch of BS on the board about how their sloptions were going to land them a lot in Bel Air. Most of us, who have a clue, already noticed that the enterprise ranks were starting to look more hessian than a Trenton beer party. Of course, mercenaries are so insular and worm-like, they don‘t even have the evacuatory skills of a rat. What‘s left, marauding around in the enterprise space is so hilarious. Capsule form, from their eyeless worm head: ‘I‘m extremely senior, worth $140K, have been on an EJB2/Struts/JDK4 project for the last 3 years, but if you ask about anything I don‘t know, I‘ll tell you how great I am at learning new things.‘ (In Socratic fashion, I sometimes suggest to said candidate that their willingness to cocoon in a decade old carcass puts the lie to their claims. 100% of all candidates testify to their own skills at learning, yet 1 in 10 can even pass a simple test like ‘which design pattern is used in the streams library that makes BufferedFileReader interchangeable with a FileReader?‘ Most of them can‘t even name a single thing that‘s part of JEE6. As in not one. Sometimes, I get off a 20m screen and want to take a shower, or go relax to a story about the City of Bell guys.

I predicted a long time ago that Enterprise development: the silly insistence companies have in the pursuit of ownership of useless things (if they had any value, they would protect them) would die. Looks like antiangiogensis is the mode of action. Toast the corporate bloodless tumor then go watch a WWDC session and do some programming you‘ll actually enjoy.

From http://www.jroller.com/robwilliams/entry/brain_drain_in_enterprise_dev


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