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#BREAKING in Big Data

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#BREAKING in Big Data

What's #BREAKING in big data? Synchronous Kafka, recommendation systems, and chocolate chip cookies.

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It's time for another Big Data Zone monthly round-up! Last time, we focused on the basics of big data. In this article, we'll keep it simple and cover everything you need to know about big data from the past month or so, including the top big data-related articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of big data, publicatiosn related to big data, and more. Let's get started!

DZone Big Data Bonanza

These are the top five articles from the Big Data Zone from the past month. Check them out so you're up-to-date on the latest and greatest in big data on DZone!

  1. Top 5 Hadoop Courses to Learn Online by Javin Paul. Having a good knowledge of Hadoop will go a long way in boosting your career prospects, especially if you're interested in big data. This article can help you get started.

  2. Collecting Elasticsearch Directly to Your Java EE Application by Otavio Santana. See how to join the best of the Java EE and NoSQL worlds using Eclipse JNoSQL.

  3. Synchronous Kafka: Using Spring Request-Reply by Gaurav Gupta. With the latest release of Spring-Kafka, request-reply semantics are available off-the-shelf. This example demonstrates the simplicity of the Spring-Kafka implementation.

  4. Python vs. R by Mike LaFleur. When they emerged in the '90s, Python and R gave data scientists an immense amount of power to operationalize risk models, and created the Python vs. R debate that's still argued 30 years later.

  5. Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: 15 Different Graph Algorithms and What They Do by Amy Hodler. If you're using Neo4j, then you need to be familiar with these powerful graph algorithms. Who doesn't want to make their job easier?

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Browsing Big Data

  1. The Best Big Data Companies and CEOs to Work for in 2018 Based on Glassdoor (Forbes). Learn about the companies that employees would most recommend to friends interested in working for business analytics, data science, machine learning, big data systems and platforms, or data management and integration.

  2. Navy to Focus on Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (The Economic Times). Top commanders of the Navy have finalized a plan to incorporate big data analytics and AI into its operational functioning. Check out this news article to learn more.

  3. Big Data and a Mathematical Formula for Great Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Spoon). Through years of extensive research, big data analytics, and many, many spreadsheets, Michael Ohene has come up with the magic chocolate chip cookie formula.

Dive Deeper Into Big Data

  1. The DZone Guide to Big Data: Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Explore the critical capabilities in next-generation self-service data preparation tools and dive deep into applications and languages affiliated with big data.

  2. Recommendations Using Redis. Learn how to develop a simple recommendation system with Redis, how to use commands, and how to optimize your system for real-time recommendations in production.

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