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Brighter Days for Developers

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Brighter Days for Developers

Developers are seeing more opportunity and more responsibility with better tools, including integrated and automated toolsets.

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Thanks to Cameron Van Orman, SVP, Product & Solution Marketing and Bill Talbot, Vice President, Product & Solution Marketing at CA Technologies for sharing their insights from the Built To Change Summit.

Cameron and Bill felt like the Brightside announcement was the biggest news for developers coming out of the Built to Change Summit. Non-mainframe developers are now able to interact with mainframe systems without having to become experts on the hardware.

This is critical given the skills shortage, developer shortage, and turnover as a result of developers and operations professionals retiring.

Developers don’t want to change how they code. They want to use their tools of choice. Brightside enables developers to code in the IDE, incorporate, and drive through the CLI into the mainframe. Most developers are familiar with two to three public clouds realizing their different benefits and toolsets.

Every organization has IT engaging with different constituencies. Ultimately we must all be concerned with helping our customers' customers have a great experience. CA looks at persona-based experiences for different products and solutions.

Senior executives are understanding the need to become a modern software factory. This is an opportunity for the practitioner (i.e. developer) to see the entire experience. Managers are realizing the problems of having too many solutions and the need to stitch silos together.

Organizations are beginning to address this from the bottom-up and the top-down. There's a greater focus on developers, who are getting more power and have significant influence.

Everything around Agile, DevOps, and Security are wanting to shift left. This is an awesome responsibility on developers to which they should be receptive since they're becoming more valuable. Vendors and internal IT need to be sensitive to the overarching goal of the organization and have to be careful not to overburden developers with testing, operations. and security.

Security is becoming a board-level issue with more regulations and high profile hacks.

That's why integrated and automated toolsets are important. To help the developer to be productive versus overburdened.

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