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Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments

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Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments

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[This article was originally written Aaron Landgraf.]

Today, we announced the launch of MuleSoft’s Solutions for Microsoft. These new solutions enable companies to leverage existing Microsoft IT investments and integration logic written in .NET on Anypoint Platform™. Using our new .NET Connector and MSMQ Connector, developers no longer have to to be siloed by coding language or development framework. With MuleSoft’s solutions for Microsoft, developers can customize Mule application logic using any .NET language and familiar .NET development tools, including Visual Studio.

We see tremendous potential in these new solutions, as they unlock opportunities for Microsoft customers to address immediate integration challenges and develop a robust cloud and API management strategy for the future. Here’s what’s new:

Anypoint Connector for .NET

The .NET Connector enables developers to act on messages passed through the pipeline and extend them for transformation, routing, enrichment or shaping, using the tools that are most productive for them. Some of the critical scenarios this enables are:

  • Reuse.NET Code Assets: Seamlessly connect your new or existing .NET code assets directly to Mule ESB.
  • NET Extensibility Model for New Development: Use the .NET Connector to bridge across the language boundary to trigger .NET business logic, scripts and assemblies. All of this can be done with no additional custom java coding.
  • Visual Studio Debugging: Use VS.NET to debug your .NET code in the context of the Mule Application. Run fully integrated test using the tools you’re most comfortable with.
  • Mule Message Encapsulation: Perform advanced integration customization, by transforming the complete Mule Message including payload, inbound properties and outbound properties.
  • Simplified Component Configuration: We’ve created a simple “configure-and-go” experience. Get your .NET code integrated in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. Bundle the .NET assemblies in your application with a familiar packaging and deployment model.

Anypoint Connector for MSMQ

Our revamped MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) Connector enables you to bridge the gap between Mule ESB and legacy queuing architecture.

  • MSMQ Transport: Connect legacy applications with the rest of your .NET enterprise on Anypoint Platform to enable advanced communication
  • Send / Receive: Provide temporary storage for messages to send and receive messages as conditions permit.
  • Authenticated Queues: Enforce permission to access queues to secure legacy applications
  • Transactional Queues: Read and write from transaction queues to increase reliability
  • Metadata Property Support: Automatically introspect message metadata properties to  customize messaging behavior and build robust, reliable integrations faster

Looking to learn more?

MuleSoft’s Microsoft experts, David Wexler and Kent Weare, will be providing greater detail on our new solutions in a demo-driven webinar – Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments – on Tuesday, July 29.

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