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Bringing the sharing economy to B2B

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Bringing the sharing economy to B2B

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The sharing economy has undoubtedly had a big impact upon the commercial world, with an increasing number of industries affected by the influx to their marketplace of people renting out their spare capacity.  Whilst there have been moves into the B2B space, such as renting out spare office space, it’s probably fair to say that most of the movement in the sharing economy has been in consumer fields.  For instance, there are numerous sites providing a marketplace for hired car usage.

It is in this vein that Floow2 have entered the marketplace.  They’re going very much after the corporate market, but rather than renting out un-used motor cars, they’re providing a platform whereby companies can rent out high end equipment such as forklift trucks and earth moving machines.

The site is currently offering businesses a 90 day free trial, aims to provide companies with a platform by which they can earn extra money from expensive assets that would otherwise be sitting dormant and costing them cash.  The venture specializes in heavy machinery, including diggers, lifting vehicles and the like.

It operates much as you’d expect a marketplace to, with sellers able to upload details of any equipment they have available, including the location of it and the price.  Buyers can then browse accordingly and make an approach via the platform, who work to ensure that any equipment listed is suitable to be rented out.

The site claim to already have received strong interest in their services, with a sustainable building agency and a purchasing consortium among their early clients.  The hope is that industrial parks will eventually jump on board as well, thus giving tenants a means of better capitalizing on their assets.

It’s certainly an interesting venture and one that I can forsee working quite nicely.  You can find out more via their video below.

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