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Brownies-Collections 0.9.7

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Brownies-Collections 0.9.7

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The new release of Brownies-Collections fixes a bug which made GapList return invalid data in some cases. It is therefore recommended to upgrade to release 0.9.7. Grab it from Maven central (org.magicwerk:brownies-collections:0.9.7) or download it directly from the web site.

Brownies Collections complements the Java Collections Framework:

  • The class GapList combines the strengths of both ArrayList and LinkedList. It is implemented to offer both efficient random access to elements by index and at the same time efficient adding and removing elements to and from beginning and end (as LinkedList does).
  • Additionally there are implementations of GapList for primitive data types. As the storage is realized using arrays of primitives, memory is saved and execution speed increased.
  • To increase developer productivity, keys and constraints have been added to collections in an orthogonal and declarative way. These features offered by classes implementing the Collection (classes KeyCollection, Key1Collection, Key2Collection) and the List interface (classes KeyList, Key1List, Key2List).


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