Build a Better UI With Vue and Kendo UI-Webinar Recap [Video]

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Build a Better UI With Vue and Kendo UI-Webinar Recap [Video]

In this post, we recap the news from the latest Kendo UI and Vue webinar and answer the questions we couldn't get to live. Check it out!

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We recap the news from the latest Kendo UI and Vue webinar and answer the questions we couldn't get to live. Missed the webinar? Check out the replay below.

Last week, we hosted the webinar on Kendo UI and Vue, which highlighted how to use the Kendo UI Vue library in a Vue application. This blog post summarizes the event and provides answers to the questions that were asked by attendees.

Webinar Recording

If you were unable to join us for the live webinar, don't worry: we've posted the recording to the Kendo UI channel on YouTube.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is it possible to bind current state of grid grouping/filtering/column ordering etc. to model?

A: It takes a little work with our API, but this sample should show how it can be done: http://dojo.telerik.com/@zdravkov/odUmO

Q: Why is there such a mix of conventions in the use of single and double quotes? Then the use of single within double quotes? The docs use it but don't explain why we need to map string types.

A: This comes from the props used to having strings for the jQuery widgets, and that are usually configured with a jQuery object. Setting this in templates requires the use of double and single quotes. We can try to make this more clear in the documentation.

Q: Any type of formatting types for columns in grid-like date, currency..?

A: Yes. The format is as follows: format: "{0:c}".

Q: What is the advantage of Vue over Angular? Why should one use Vue when the Angular Kendo UI library is more mature?

A: This is definitely just a matter of personal preference for using Angular or Vue. We just want to help you build with whichever you chose.

Q: Is it possible to implement Vue with ASP .NET 4.6 Kendo web apps?

A: You can utilize the wrappers with http://ASP.NET, yes.

Q: What editor were you using?

A: For this webinar, we used Visual Studio Code: @code

Q: How long is your trial license?

A: 30 days-fully functional.

Q: Are there any plans for a GUI tool (web, etc.) to configure some of the more complex components, like the awesome grid?

A: Nothing planned at the moment. However, we're open to new ideas.

Q: Since Vue.js is considered an extremely lightweight framework how does Kendo UI affect its performance?

A: The performance of Vue isn't affected; we provide Vue wrappers to make it easier for you to build applications with Kendo UI.

Q: Why did you not remove the dependence on jQuery?

A: This is what we've done in our @angular, and soon our @reactjs components. Currently looking at the needs of our @vuejs devs and how jQuery fits (or doesn't).

Q: Any issues with Vue, TypeScript, Electron, and Kendo UI?

A: That's quite a combo. It should work. Emphasis on SHOULD. 

Q: Looking at your Vue presentation, how do you deal with an async transport read on your data source?

A: There's an async property on the DataSource. That's because it uses jQuery.ajax under-the-covers. You can set the async property on this if you like. By default, it's true.

Q: Does the new Vue integration natively work with/know about Vuex?

A: We don't have a sample quite yet, but we're working on ensuring official support for Vuex (with sample projects) in the future!

Q: Is it possible to have Vue components as editors/custom renderers inside kendo-grid-column or are we stuck with jQuery powered templates?

A: Right now we do not support Vue templates, but we are actively working on seeing what we can do there in the wrappers.

Q: Are Vue components kendo-datasource, kendo-grid, and kendo-grid-column reactive? Will the grid rerender itself if model bound to those components changes?

A: Yes, they are https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui-wrappers-vue/getting-started/model-binding

There was also a request for better MVVM documentation and a request to shorten the component names.

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