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Build Your Super Fast, Distributed, Infinitely Scalable Python App Using ZeroMQ

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Build Your Super Fast, Distributed, Infinitely Scalable Python App Using ZeroMQ

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Description (from in.PyCon.org)

All web applications aren't as simple as following a 20 minute blog tutorial in a web framework. There are lot of components which handle the business logic and they might all not work on the same machine (or even be built using the same programming language).

When you build at web scale, you should look at how to build your system distributed across multiple machines.

The talk will be about

  • Why use a message queue.
  • How zeromq is different from other message queues.
  • How to write a basic networked program using zeromq.
  • How you can use zeromq to write concurrent & parallel systems.
  • The various patterns & configurations zeromq can be used in to build your distributed system.
  • Various protocols that can be used
  • How to make your python program talk with any other programming language easily.

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