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BuildBunny: Nabaztag - TeamCity Integration

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BuildBunny: Nabaztag - TeamCity Integration

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BuildBunny is our Nabaztag plugin for TeamCity. After our switch to the continuous build server TeamCity, our bunny just reads the time every hour. To change the situation I have created BuildBunny as new notifier in TeamCity.

You can download it here.


A Nabaztag is a WiFi enabled electronic device with a text to speech engine, rotating ears and colorful leds. When connected to your WiFi it can read mails, RSS feeds, weather forecast or can be accessed with a API. You are not directly connected to the bunny, all messages are sended and managed by the Nabaztag server.


We manage our continuous integration with TeamCity. It is a product of JetBrains, the guys with the great IntelliJ Idea IDE. Before we started using TeamCity we had CruiseControl running. The configuration was very complicated and the interface wasn’t an eye catcher. With TeamCity we can configure all our Maven2 builds in a nice web interface with a lot of usefull settings. There is also an IDE plugin with the possibility to have personal remote builds. The only problem was the silence of our build bunny, which was running with CruiseControl before. With the Nabaztag plugin we want to close this gap for the TeamCity and Nabaztag community.


Find screenshots here


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