Building A Smart Twitter Bot with Apache NiFi

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Building A Smart Twitter Bot with Apache NiFi

This article gives a simple tutorial on how to build your first Twitter bot with ease using Apache NiFi. Read on to find out more.

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Let's start with a few images.

This is the new processor, PutTwitterProcessor, it will use Twitter4J to send tweets from a parameter you set.

This is an example tweet and my reply to it. It's a regular tweet.

This is the result of a run. I put the tweet id and date-time stamp in the result attribute.

Another example:

You need to create a Twitter application and obtain the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access secret. If you have a lat and long in your data, you can send that. It's optional. The message takes expression language and lets you build a message.

JUnit Test of My Processor

JUnit Run Results

Most of the code is using the very easy to use Twitter4J library.

So, what can I do with this? In my flow, I am ingesting Tweets, and with a streaming SQL query, I can retweet ones where there is no existing retweet, and the followers of the tweet are more than 1,000. I can also feed all of this information to a Hive table and then run some machine learning on it to figure out other parameters to filter on for my bot.

This is a start. I put a scheduler on my PutTweet to only tweet every 10 minutes (600 seconds). Let's see how this goes.

SQL for QueryRecord

SELECT * FROM FLOWFILE WHERE CAST(retweet_count AS DOUBLE) <= 0 AND CAST(followers_count AS DOUBLE) > 1000

Example Message Building

${'user_name':append( ' '):append( ${'location'} ):append(' '):append(${'hashtags'} ):append(' ' ):append(${'msg'})}

Download NAR to Install in Apache NiFi lib Directory and Then Restart:


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